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About FreshBlooms

FreshBlooms is a division of the Delaware Valley Floral Group, offering full service solutions for the supermarket industry. We present an extensive variety of premium fresh cut flowers from our worldwide farm sources, while providing custom-made promotions, innovative product lines, hardgoods, and integrated logistics. Through these combined strengths, FreshBlooms brings it all together!

Our Passion for What We Do Transfers to Our Services

Farm Direct Sourcing

We source fresh-cut flowers from a vast array of global farm partners. Importing weekly from Canada, Central and South America, Thailand, Holland, Africa, and many other flower growing regions, including domestic products from the USA.

In-house Production

For some of our customers, labor is sometimes a challenge to dedicate to floral. To help these customers, we offer products that are wetpacked to save them time when merchandising in the store.

Logistics Solutions

We offer warehouse and DSD (Direct Store Door) delivery on our in-house distribution trucks from Massachusetts to Virginia. We also offer nationwide shipping capabilities from our Miami, FL location on your trucking line.

We're Certified!

FreshBlooms of the Delaware Valley Floral Group has become the first distributor to earn Certified American Grown status. Our unique operation and systems allow our company to meet the certification standards and pass the third party onsite process required to achieve the Certified American Grown Flowers Distributor label. Call your sales rep today to learn more about the products available in this program.

Our Product Offerings

Fresh Cut Flowers

We offer an extensive selection of Fresh-Cut Flowers, Greens, and Tropicals sourced from around the world. Available by the consumer bunch or stem.

Seasonal Bouquets

Our Seasonal Bouquet selections include many different options based on price point, product ingredients, and origin. We also offer many prebook programs to help with planning.

Hardgoods Essentials

Our 60,000+ square foot hardgoods warehouse is fully stocked with over 5,000 floral supply selections and is located just minutes from our headquarters in Sewell, NJ.

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